Pensions Conference is organized to create an opportunity to share experiences by both scholars as well as practitioners in the field of all the aspects of pensions. The conference topics specifically include (however are not limited to):

  • Pension systems all over the world
  • Demographics, ageing, longevity, elderly wellbeing and pension systems
  • Pension and retirement decisions. Financial literacy
  • Saving and consumption smoothing
  • Legal and organizational aspects of pensions
  • Investment policy of pension institutions
  • Mission and CSR of pension institutions
  • Risk, guarantees and redistribution in a pension system
  • Contributions and benefits in pension systems
  • Welfare state regimes and pension regimes
  • Pension mathematics. Pensionmetrics. Longevity.
  • Human Resources Management in the era of ageing societies
  • Age management. Intergenerational relations in organizations.

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